Are Dog Beds Over? Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed

Dog owners sometimes allow dogs to sleep in bed. What are the benefits of sleeping with your dog? Are dog beds being replaced by sleeping with your dog?

If you are a dog-lover and enjoy sleeping in the same bed with your beloved pet, you might be wondering whether this habit is truly beneficial for  both of you. So, what are the benefits of sleeping with your dog? Are there any dangers involved? What type of dog beds are there as an alternative to that option? And how do you choose the best dog beds? Learn how improve your pet's sleep!

Types and Kinds of Dog Beds 

There is such a huge variety of dog beds, making it very challenging to make the right decision.

The options vary from basic pillow beds to extravagant furniture-style dog beds, heating/cooling dog beds, bolster dog beds…

As the list goes on, let us narrow it down to the top 4 best rated dog beds that pet owners find the most useful.

1.The best dog-beds for large dogs

Why Do Dogs Lay At Your Feet

Finding a suitable bed for a large dog could be very difficult, not only because of the dog’s size but also for the needed support and durability of the dog mattress.

The best and the most simple solution is to look for a standard dog bed. Standard dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, which provides the great advantage of being able to choose the density and size for your specific dog’s breed.

The best part about the standard dog bed is that it comes without any edges or rims, which gives your dog the best comfort and support whilst providing your best friend with a large enough space to feel at home!

2.The best dog-bed for medium to large dogs

Cuddle With Dog

For the dogs that are medium to large size, the most important feature in a bed is the size and density. The dog should feel comfortable and fitted in size, and should feel supported by the mattress.

As the list of options is endless, it is also crucial to think about the maintenance of the dog mattress. It is important that the mattress is easy to wash because of dog’s hair.

To cover all these requirements, the best dog bed for medium-to-large dogs is a raised/elevated bed. The frame of these beds are mostly made out of wood or metal, while giving an opportunity to choose the perfect dog mattress to put on top.

In general, this bed type resembles a human bed and is known for being easily maintainable. It is perfect for your dog to feel comfortable! While being slightly lifted from the harsh floor, the owner can enjoy the easy maintenance!

3.The best dog-bed for medium to small dogs

Best Dog Beds

If you are the owner of medium to small dog and would like to save space in your apartment, the best dog bed for you is a corner/space saver bed.

The name speaks for itself: it is easy to slide this type of bed into a 90 degree room corner. These beds are known to be a comfortable type of raised bed, and they are perfect for dogs that love to sleep all curled up.

Because of the corner fitting design, these beds are the most suitable for medium to small dogs. However, it is possible to find these beds in bigger sizes as well.

You can find these beds in different mattress densities so that your dog can feel very comfortable. Corner/space saver beds are not only great for your dog, but can also be seen as a great design element of your apartment interior!

4.The best dog-bed for small dogs

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need

Smaller dog owners, we have some good news for you - the variety of dog beds for compact sized dogs is the greatest!

The best rated dog bed for a small sized pet is a nest style bed. It is also known as bird’s nest because of its resemblance. It is a standard bed bottom with raised walls, which is perfect for dogs that are compact and love curling up while sleeping.

The outer ring also creates a great pillow that dogs like when sleeping! The nest style beds come in different shapes and designs that can match your beloved dog’s needs.

To give you a tip: waterproof nest style beds are the ones to look out for, because of their easy maintenance and washable material! Or, you can always purchase dog bed covers!

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How much do dogs sleep?

Does Your Dog Sleep Too Much?

If you take a guess on what your dog is doing right now, the chances are - sleeping! Dogs seem to sleep a lot and it takes up around half of their day.

The theory suggests, that dogs unlike humans, do not have a monophasic sleep schedule (sleeping once a day for a longer period of time), but rather a polyphasic sleep schedule (many shorter periods of sleep).

In addition, they sleep a lot more than humans do. An average dog tends to spend around 50 percent of the day snoozing, 30 percent being awake while lying around, and only 20 percent being active.

In comparison, humans only sleep 30 percent of their day. It is clear that dogs take their time in getting their sleep, let’s look at how much sleep a dog actually needs!

How Much Do Dogs Sleep A Day
An average dog sleeps around 12 to 14 hours in a 24 hour cycle. However, every dog is different and their sleep cycle is mostly dependent on 4 factors: age and size; breed and activity level; life changes and health.

Age and Size

Although dogs sleep around 12 to 14 hours on average, how much dogs sleep a day depends on their age and size. If 14 hours of sleep to you seem a lot, this is just the beginning…

Little puppies, who spend a lot of time playing and exploring their surroundings, may need as much as 18 to 20 hours of sleep to recap.

Also, older dogs need much more sleep because of their age as they need more rest. Interestingly enough, bigger dogs tend to sleep much more than the smaller ones!

Puppies Cuddle

Breed and Activity

As logical as it may seem, how much dogs sleep a day depends on how they are bred. For example, the dogs that are bred to be active and perform big tasks throughout the day, tend to stay awake and be alert most of the time.

Large Dog Beds

Therefore, some of the breeds are more active by nature - they demand more attention and outside activity than other breeds. Here are a few the most active breedsShetland SheepdogDalmatianSiberian Husky or Golden Retriever.

Other breeds are not bred for specific tasks and most of the day do what they feel like. Which turns out to be sleeping! The more relaxed breeds are known to be Chinese crested, Japanese chin or Brussels Griffon.

Life Changes In Your Dog

Dogs just like humans are sensitive to extreme life changes and can react to it. Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owner and their adaptability to their environment.

Cuddly Dogs

If any of those are disturbed or suddenly changed, the dog can feel affected by it. The natural reaction to it is sleeping, because they need to regain their energy and mood again!


How much dogs sleep a day also depends on their health situation. If the dog is older or maybe has health issues, it is normal that they take their time and sleep longer to recover.

However, if your dog is sleeping unusually long and you notice some drastic changes in his/her sleep cycle, you might want to consult your veterinarian.

Sleeping With Dog

Longer sleep than usual can be linked to conditions such as canine depression, diabetes, and hypothyroidism.

Why do dogs lay at your feet?

The Human's Best Friend

In the past, wild dogs would need to find a place where to stay during the night (and during the day too). They would look for a place that is safe and relatively sheltered.

Nowadays, people have domesticated dogs and they have become great family members. As a result, dogs are noticed to be very loyal and are comfortable to sleep with the family owners!

Most of the people love this gesture and let their dogs do so! But indeed, why do dogs sleep at your feet?

Why Do Dogs Sleep At Your Feet

The answer is very simple, they love being close to you! Dogs are known for being the most loyal animals. If a person takes a dog home, takes good care of him and gives him food, the dog will consider that as a gesture of being a family. Because of great care, the dog perceives the owner as the leader of the herd and wants to sleep as close as possible.

Another reason why dogs sleep at your feet is to show their presence and loyalty. A dog sleeping at your feet is a gesture of showing mutual protection.

Dogs want to show that you are a team and you would be together in a battle situation. On a funny note, it is noticeable that sometimes dogs are not even lying in a comfortable position when sleeping at your feet!

Why Does My Dog Cuddle With Me

The thing is that they want to be as close as possible regardless of comfort. That is why we call them man’s best friend!

Sleeping With Your Dog

Should You Say Bye To Dog Beds?

If you are a dog lover, we have some good news for you! According to a new Mayo Clinic study - sleeping with your dog might help you rest easier.

Sleep medicine specialists add that sleeping with a dog can be very calming, relaxing and comforting. Although not everyone is liking the idea, and it might not help everyone, here are some tips and reasons why sleeping with your dog is beneficial.

Sleeping With Dogs

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Owning a dog can lower your blood pressure according to new research. It can be extremely helpful if you are suffering from hypertensions.

The results show that people have lower blood pressure levels when petting a dog, whilst having comparably high levels when talking to other people.

In fact, the touching and stroking of a dog is the most calming. In addition, sleeping with a dog and holding it, can have a significant positive effect in a long run.

Beats Insomnia

If the cause of your insomnia are worries and anxiety, you can beat those symptoms by simply owning a dog! Sleeping with a dog can calm you down and help you fall asleep.

In fact, some people who do not own a dog fall asleep with dog’s sleeping sounds. This may seem weird, but it might work for you too!

Sleeping With A Dog

Of course, not only sleeping with your dog will help you sleep better. But also, having the right mattress, top mattress and pillow. This is why we recommend Vita Talalay ®, because its natural and high quality natural latex provides your body with the right properties for you to sleep better.

Fights Depression

Most of the people who suffer depression find it difficult to get up from bed or find their motivation for daily activities. It is suggested that owning a dog can boost your mood, energy and motivation for you to go out and be active!

Running With Your Dog

Having a dog in this case can add structure and routine to your life. Also, dogs are known for being very loyal and sensible friends. When you feel lonely and need a companion, your dog might sense it and help you out!

Helps You Feel Safe

Not all dog owners want a guard dog and dogs should certainly not show aggression towards other people. However, having a dog who barks at the door is a great help to feel secure.

A lot of people who do not feel safe in their home, or experienced a burglary at night when they were asleep, say that having a dog is a great solution! Sleeping with your dog can give you a feeling of security and increases your sleep quality.

Health Benefits For Children

Owning a pet can also have endless benefits for your children. Studies find that children who grow up with a pet have a better sense of compassion and responsibility.

In fact, children who grow up with a pet have a better resilience to asthma and allergies. A dog can improve a child’s mental health by having a companion which eases separation anxiety from the parents. It also helps children who are hyperactive or aggressive.

Best Rated Dog Beds

When sleeping with a dog, a child feels calmer and loved - and in return less anxious. Having a dog can also help children with autism who find it difficult to communicate and express emotions.

Dogs also have their own body language which expresses emotions. By learning how to communicate with a dog, an autistic child can learn how to communicate with other people.

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