Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed

Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed

If you are a dog-lover and enjoy sleeping with your dog in the same bed. You will love to learn all the health benefits of sleeping with your dog! It is important to understand how to make sure that your dog is sleeping well and what you can do to make it better!

Think of your own bed. It is probably the most important piece of furniture in your house! It is so important to sleep well, feel rested and feel safe while asleep!

In fact, your dog feels exactly the same! Some dog owners like to sleep with their pet in the same bed. They like to cuddle with dogs and fall asleep while hugging. In fact, the benefits of sleeping with your dog are enormous!

However, if you don’t like the idea of your dog curling up next to your feet. There are many dog bed options out there! In fact, we discuss every single bed for different sizes of the dogs!

Indeed, you must make sure of one thing. Your dog needs to sleep comfortably and feel safe. A good dog bed supports the dog’s back and joints, giving them warmth and a feeling of security. And in return, your dog will give you so much more! Keep reading the following article to find out what benefits of having a dog you can accept and how to make sure your friend is feeling at home.

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Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

If you are a dog lover, we have some good news for you! According to a new Mayo Clinic study - sleeping with your dog might help you rest easier! In fact, sleeping with dogs can be very calming, relaxing and comforting.

Even though the idea of sharing one bed with your pet is not for everyone. It is definitely interesting to know that there are a lot of benefits in doing so! The following are top 5 benefits of sleeping with your dog that may change your mind and the way you look at it!

1. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

According to the study on cardiovascular effects of human-pet dog interactions.

Owning a dog can lower your blood pressure! It especially helpful if you are suffering from hypertension.

The study results show that people have much lower blood pressure levels when petting a dog. While in comparison, having comparably higher blood pressure when talking to other people!

In fact, the touching and stroking of a dog can be very calming. When you sleep with your beloved animal next to you. It can have significant positive effects, especially in a long-run.

2. Helps With Insomnia

If you experience insomnia because of feeling worried and anxious. You can beat those symptoms by simply owning a dog!

Sleeping with dogs can help you to calm down and fall asleep faster. For a fun fact, if you don’t own a dog, try falling asleep with dog sounds! It may sound strange, but some people claim it helps them to feel calmer, safe and fall asleep faster!

3. Fights Depression

Some of the symptoms when suffering from depression. Are difficulties in getting up from bed or finding the motivation for daily activities. In fact, owning a dog can boost your mood, energy, and motivation for you to go out and be active!

Having a dog, in this case, can add structure and routine to your life. Also, dogs are known for being very loyal and sensible friends. When you feel lonely and need a companion, your dog might be the best friend that you need!

4. Helps You To Feel Safe

Not all dog owners want a guard dog. Certainly, dogs should not show aggression towards other people at all times. However, having a dog who barks at the door is a great protection as well as provides you with a great security feeling!

A lot of people who worry about their home security or have experienced a burglary at night in the past. Conclude that having a dog is a great solution! In fact, burglars reveal that it doesn’t matter whether the dog is small or big. Make sure your dog is not friendly with strangers and as soon as it barks, everyone is aware of the security issues!

5. Owning A Dog Benefits For Your Child

Owning a dog has endless benefits for your children. Studies find that children who grow up with a pet have a better sense of compassion and responsibility. In fact, cuddling with a dog can improve a child’s mental health by being a companion and ease separation anxiety from the parents.

Benefits of sleeping with your dog also help children who show hyperactivity or aggression. When sleeping with your dog, a child can feel calm, loved and less anxious.

Therefore, the benefits of having a dog include helping children with autism. Children who experience autism, find it difficult to communicate and express emotions. In fact, dogs also have their own body language which they use to expresses emotions! By learning how to communicate with a dog, an autistic child can learn how to communicate with other people.

Dog Side Sleep

Different Types Of Dog Beds

There is such a huge variety of dog beds, making it very challenging to make the right decision for you! The options vary from basic pillow beds to extravagant furniture-style dog beds, heating/cooling dog beds or bolster dog beds.

As the list goes on, let’s narrow it down to the top 4 best-rated dog beds that pet owners find the most useful.

1. The Best Dog-Bed For Large Dogs

Finding suitable dog beds for a large dog could be very difficult. Not only because of the dog’s size but also for the needed support and durability of the dog mattress. The best and the simplest solution is to look for a standard dog bed!

Standard dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, which provides the great advantage of being able to choose the density and size for your specific dog’s breed. The best part about the standard dog beds. It comes without any edges or rims, which gives your dog the best comfort and support. Whilst providing your best friend with a large enough space to feel at home!

Large Dog Bed

2. The Best Dog-Bed For Medium To Large Dogs

For the dogs that are medium to large size, the most important feature is the size and density. Your dog should feel comfortable and fitted in size. And at the same time, feel supported by the mattress.

It is also crucial to think about the maintenance of the dog mattress. It is important that the mattress is easy to wash because of the dog’s hair. To cover all these requirements, the best dog bed for medium-to-large dogs is a raised/elevated bed.

The frame of these dog beds is mostly made out of wood or metal. Which gives a great opportunity to choose the perfect dog mattress to put on top. Therefore, these dog beds resemble a human bed and are known for being easily maintainable.

With these dog beds, your dog will feel great comfort while being lifted from the harsh floor. And you as the owner can enjoy the easy maintenance!

Medium To Large Dog Bed

3. The Best Dog-Bed For Medium To Small Dogs

You are an owner of a medium to small dog. Would like to save space in your apartment? The best option of dog beds for you is a corner/space saver bed.

The name of these dog beds speaks for itself: they are easy to slide into a 90-degree room corner. These dog beds are known to be a comfortable version of raised beds. Therefore, they are perfect for dogs that love to sleep curled up.

Because of the corner fitting design. These beds are the most suitable for medium to small dogs. However, it is possible to find these dog beds in bigger sizes as well.

You can, therefore, find these dog beds in different mattress densities. In such a case, you make sure that your dog feels the most comfortable! Corner/space saver beds are not only great for your dog but can also be a great design element in your apartment!

Medium To Small Dog Bed

4. The Best Dog-Bed For Small Dogs

Smaller dog owners, we have some good news for you! The variety of dog beds for compact sized dogs is the greatest! However, one of the best-rated dog beds for a small sized pet is a nest style bed.

In fact, it is called a nest style bed because of its resemblance! It is a standard bed bottom with raised walls. It is perfect for dogs that are compact and love curling up while asleep.

Therefore, the outer ring of the bed makes a great pillow for your dog! The nest style dog beds come in different shapes and designs. In fact, you have a lot of choice in order to find the best option for your beloved pet.

To give you a great tip, a waterproof nest style beds are the ones to look out for! They are easy to maintain because of its washable material!

Small Dog Bed

How Much Do Dogs Sleep

If you take a guess on what your dog is doing right now. The chances are - sleeping! Dogs seem to sleep a lot. In fact, it takes up around half of their day.

The theory suggests, that dogs unlike humans, do not have a monophasic sleep schedule. A Monophasic sleep cycle is sleeping once a day for a longer period of time.

However, dogs have rather a polyphasic sleep schedule. Which is sleeping many but shorter periods of sleep time per day. On average, dogs tend to spend around 50 percent of the day snoozing! During the other 30 percent, dogs like to be awake while lying around. And for only 20 percent, dogs like being active!

In a comparison, humans spend only 30 percent of their day on sleeping! It is clear that dogs take their time in getting their sleep. However, it is interesting to know how much sleep a dog actually needs!

On average, dogs sleep around 12 to 14 hours in a 24-hour cycle. However, every dog is different, and their sleep cycle is dependent on 4 factors. Namely their age, size, breed and activity levels during the day.

  • Age And Size

Although dogs sleep around 12 to 14 hours on average. How much your dog sleeps also depends on their age and size. If 14 hours of sleep seem a lot, this is just the beginning! Little puppies, who spend a lot of time playing and exploring their surroundings. May need as much as 18 to 20 hours of sleep to recap!

Also, older dogs need much more sleep because of their age as they need more rest. Interestingly enough, bigger dogs tend to sleep much more than the smaller ones!

  • Breed And Activity

How much do dogs sleep also depends on their breed and activity levels? For example, the dogs that are bred to be active and perform big tasks throughout the day. Tend to stay awake and be alert most of the time.

In fact, some of the dog breeds are active by nature! They demand more attention and outside activities than other breeds. Some of the most active dog breeds are Shetland Sheepdog, Dalmatian, Siberian Husky or Golden Retriever.

On the other hand, other breeds are not bred for specific tasks. For this reason, they spend most of the day doing what they feel like! And it turns out to be sleeping! The more relaxed breeds are known to be Chinese crested, Japanese chin or Brussels Griffon.

  • Life Changes In Your Dog

Dogs just like humans are sensitive to extreme life changes and can react to it. Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owner and their adaptability to their environment.

If any of those are disturbed or suddenly changed. Your dog can be affected by it! The natural reaction to changes is sleeping. It is because they need to regain their energy and mood again!

  • Dog’s Health

How much do dogs sleep a day also depends on their health situation. If your dog is older or maybe has health issues. It is normal that your dog takes his time and sleep longer to recover.

However, if your dog is sleeping unusually long and you notice some drastic changes in his/her sleep cycle. You may want to consult your veterinarian! In fact, longer sleep than usual can be linked to conditions such as canine depression, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

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