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Amazing Facts About The Citrus Fruit

Bright colors and delightful taste. That’s far from everything you fill your body with, while enjoying a citrus fruit bowl! Enjoy your favorite fruits while improving your nutrition, metabolism and glowing skin!

Citrus fruits are one of the most popular ingredients around the world! Citrus fruits include anything you can think of. From the oranges in your smoothie bowl to the slice of lemon in your salad!

The uses of the citrus fruit are enormous. It can be a delightful snack during your lunch break. And a great ingredient to the main dishes for a better flavor and slash of vitamins!

Besides, its bright colors and delightful taste. Citrus fruits are packed with vitamins and nutrition that are great for your health! It helps with metabolism, heart diseases and promotes an optimal health in general!

Keep reading this article to learn more about the history of the citrus fruit. Get to know more than 167 varieties of mandarins. And different health benefits you fill your body with while enjoying oranges, lemons, and grapefruits! Nothing will joy you more than a great, quick and easy recipe of the citrus fruit bowl at the end of this article!

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History To The Citrus Fruit

Citrus is a genus of a flowering tree in the rue family, Rutaceae. In fact, plants in the genus category produce citrus fruits. Well known citrus fruits are lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits or tangerines!

The citrus fruit originates from the tropical regions of Asia and the Malay Archipelago. In fact, citrus fruits were first domesticated in these areas! Therefore, some of the citrus fruit species have found great living conditions in Mediterranean countries as well.

As an interesting fact, the case of oranges, mandarins and orange trees. The soil and climate of Mediterranean areas are even better than the regions where they came from!

The name of citrus fruit came from the Latin language. The original Latin word for citrus was citrus. The full name of the citrus tree is known as citri arboris.

Interesting to note, millions of years ago, all citrus fruits were the size of edible, little berries! Only years later, the three main species of the citrus genus have been hybridized into nowadays known commercial citrus fruits! Namely pomelo, mandarin orange, and citron!

In fact, within the past few thousands of years. Popular sweet citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, and limes, were created by crossing the original species! Similarly, it also happened with chili peppers! They were invented by hybridizing the original species!

The citrus fruit tree would remind you of a large bush. It can grow to be a moderate or a small size tree, reaching up to 5 -15 meters high. Citrus fruit trees are with spiny shoots and evergreen leaves that grow all around. The flowers of citrus fruit trees grow solitary or in small groups. Each flower can range from 2-4 centimeters. Therefore, the flowers of the citrus fruit trees are strongly scented!

Citrus Fruit

Uses Of The Citrus Fruit

The following paragraph is all about the uses of the citrus fruit. In fact, there are two different ways on how you can implement the citrus fruit into your daily diet! One of the obvious as well as most popular ways - culinary.

Generally, most of the citrus fruits are eaten fresh. Namely, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits or clementine. The citrus fruit is typically peeled off and is ready to be enjoyed fresh and raw! In fact, grapefruit or orange juice is known as the most popular breakfast option around the world!

On the other hand, more acidic citrus fruits such as lemon or lime. Usually, are not consumed on their own. They are popular additives to the mineral water or juices.

Therefore, they make a great additive to garnishing your everyday favorite dishes! The juices of lime or lemon are used in a lot of dishes. For example, you will find a slash of lemon in most of the salads. Or squeezed over cooked meat or vegetables!

Interesting to note, the flavor of the skin from the citrus fruit is usually bitter. It gets especially bitter when cooked. For this reason, the bitterness of citrus fruit is usually combined with sugar, to balance out the taste.

If you are looking for a good advice on where to use the bitterness of the citrus fruit. It makes a great marmalade or jam! Bitter-sweet orange or lemon marmalade will definitely surprise you with a unique and delightful flavor!

The second way of using citrus fruits is medicine. In fact, citrus fruits have a well-documented history of its nutritional and health benefits. In fact, some citrus fruits can even prevent or cure some diseases!

Historically, oranges were used for its high content of vitamin C. Therefore, the citrus fruit juice found in oranges, lemons, and limes can lower the risks of kidney stones. Finally, grapefruits are known for lowering blood pressure.

Citrus Fruit Trees

List Of Citrus Fruits

There is a huge variety of citrus fruits. In fact, you can find all sorts of citrus fruits all year around! You can track the peak seasons of each of them. In order to get it fresh and juicy!

The following will present the most popular citrus fruits! You can look for different ones in order to find out which ones are your favorites! You can include them in your daily smoothies, juices or simply garnish your favorite salads.

  • Mandarins: Clementine, Tangelo, Tangor, Satsuma
  • Grapefruit: Oroblanco, White, Ruby Red
  • Limes: Key Lime, Kaffir, Persian
  • Sweet Oranges: Blood Orange, Cara Cara, Valencia, Navel
  • Lemons: Meyer, Eureka
  • Other Kind: Yuzu, Citron, Pomelos, Sudachi

Now you are probably wondering. What is the difference between all the different mandarin or lime varieties?

In fact, your confusion isn’t really a surprise! The University Of California has in total of 167 varieties of mandarins listen on their citrus variety collection.

Most importantly, be aware of the different options you can find! Who knows, you may find yourself liking Persian Limes much better than Key Limes!

Besides that, different types of the same citrus fruit vary only between countries where they were planted, their different growing processes and the resulting slight changes in taste! For example, if you prefer seedless mandarins. You may want to look for clementine or satsuma mandarins!

Citrus Fruit Salad

Health Benefits Of Oranges

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits around the world. Oranges can make great juices, smoothies and has a reputation for being part of the healthy breakfast.

Mainly, you can find two types of oranges - sweet and bitter. The most popular varieties of sweet oranges include Navel, Valencia, and Jaffa oranges. On the other hand, the botanical name of bitter oranges is Citrus aurantium. They are mainly used for bitter-sweet marmalades or jams.

One medium-size orange has the following nutrients for your body:

  • 62 calories
  • 93% of Vitamin C
  • 13% of Fiber
  • 10% of Folate
  • 9% of Vitamin B1
  • 7% of Copper
  • 7% of Potassium
  • 7% of Pantothenic Acid
  • 5% of Calcium

Together with all the nutrients that you get from oranges. There are numerous health benefits of oranges that you must know for the next time you decide to eat an orange!

1. Boosts Your Immune System

Oranges and orange juice have for a long time been known as powerhouses of healing properties! It’s all because of the high concentration of vitamin C!

A single cup of orange juice has more than 200% of the vitamin C requirement for your body. Vitamin C in an orange neutralizes free radicals in your body, stimulates your immune system and repairs cells for the growth of new tissues in your body!

2. Increases Blood Circulation

Health benefits of oranges also include increased blood circulation! It’s all thanks to folate content! Folate is a component of the B complex. Essentially it’s vitamin B9.

B9 is important for new cell creation, protecting your body from free radicals and building new red blood cells. In other words, by drinking orange juice you make sure you are well-oxygenated, and your body is working at full capacity!

3. Balances Cholesterol Levels

Health benefits of oranges have shown to reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body. While increasing the ‘good’ cholesterol at the same time! Thus, by consuming an orange a day you reduce the risks of heart disease or a stroke!

4. Reduces Inflammation

According to the study, orange juice can inhibit insulin resistance by reducing inflammation! It protects your heart and takes care of the overall cardiovascular system! Therefore, oranges can reduce the chances of developing diabetes!

5. Detoxifies Your Body

Great health benefits of oranges also include a high amount of vitamin A! Vitamin A acts like an antioxidant in your body and takes care of your eye health!

Also, oranges detoxify your body by increasing the function of your kidneys. Kidneys help to clean your body and fight free radicals altogether!

Health Benefits Of Orange

Health Benefits Of Lemon

Yet another popular citrus fruit is lemon! Health benefits of lemon are endless, as well as its great vitamin richness!

1 whole lemon will provide you with:

  • 17 Calories
  • 51% of Vitamin C
  • 2% Potassium
  • 1% Iron
  • 1% Calcium
  • 1% Magnesium

So, what are those health benefits of lemon? The following will present you with all the nutrients you can achieve just by having a glass of lemon water daily!

1. Good Source Of Vitamin C

One lemon consists of 51% of vitamin C! It’s a great source of this vitamin in order to prevent your cells from being damaged by free radicals. Reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and low blood pressure!

2. Improves Your Skin Quality

According to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, people who consume more vitamin C have fewer wrinkles, age slower and avoid experiencing skin dryness!

3. Supports Digestion

Drinking lemon water can help you in supporting your digestion system! In fact, lemon water prevents constipation, helps your digestive system to start moving and prevents the buildup of toxins!

Great tip, drink cold or lukewarm water with a lemon first thing in the morning! You will feel fresh and turn on your digestion system immediately!

4. Supports Weight Loss

A glass of lemon water in the morning helps to turn on your digestion system, stay hydrated and thus, it supports your weight balance!

5. Freshens Up Your Breath

Yet one of the other health benefits of lemon is its abilities to remove unwanted scents! Keep your breath fresh by drinking a glass of lemon water after each meal! Lemon stimulates saliva, water prevents dry mouth and you can enjoy good mouth breath all day long!

Health Benefits Of Lemon

Grapefruit Health Benefits

Finally, let’s talk about grapefruits! Grapefruits are not only rich in color and taste. Grapefruits withhold great nutritional benefits for your health, skin and your well-being in general.

In fact, one grapefruit provides you with:

  • 104 Calories
  • 128% Vitamin C
  • 56% Vitamin A
  • 10% Vitamin B-6
  • 5% Magnesium
  • 5% Calcium
  • 1% Iron

Grapefruit health benefits include being a great source of vitamin A! Vitamin A is extremely important in order to support your immune system, keep your eyes and skin folate and healthy.

Therefore, grapefruit health benefits include an incredible source of Vitamin C! Vitamin C helps to maintain health and glowing skin, healthy bones and blood vessels!

Grapefruit Health Benefits

Citrus Fruit Salad Recipes

Finally, it’s time for the most exciting part! After reading all about the citrus fruit and endless health benefits from each of them. It is interesting to know, how you can combine all the fruits together, get a vitamin boost and enjoy a good kick start of the day!

We found great, quick and easy citrus fruit salad recipe you will love! This citrus fruit salad is soaked in its own juice which makes it refresh, fresh and yummy!

All you really need are pomegranates, oranges, and a grapefruit! All you need to do is peeling off the skin and cut in slices you prefer. You can squeeze some of the fruits for the juice to add to your citrus fruit salad!

Top it up with some honey, chia seeds and mint upon your preference! And that’s all you need for fresh, rich in vitamins and antioxidants breakfast!

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