The open, round cellular structure in Vita Talalay latex was invented over 50 years ago and has never been rivalled. The traditional production process is complex, and requires craftsmanship to master. This is what makes Vita Talalay unique.

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Radium Foam looks back with pride on a 50-year history of producing the Vita Talalay® latex. Since 1961, the company … read more…
Vita Talalay Händler in Maastricht

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For business information on Vita Talalay® in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia, please chose your location … read more…
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Production process

Vita Talalay is the best-in-class talalay latex made by supplier Radium Foam. We are known for making the most pure … read more…
Vita Talalay mattress open cell structure

Benefits of Vita Talalay Material

Vita Talalay is the most breathable, most supportive, softest comfortable material in the world. This material adapts itself automatically to … read more…
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The Vita Talalay® products and production processes are all certified, and satisfy the highest health requirements. These include Fira, Oeko-Tex … read more…

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