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About Vita Talalay

Radium Foam looks back with pride on a 60-year history of producing the Vita Talalay latex. Since 1961, the company has been applying its refined Talalay latex production method that makes its products so unique.


We are the global supplier of Vita Talalay, a unique and unsurpassed natural latex material for luxury bedding solutions to optimize the quality of sleep.


We want to provide the healthiest lifestyle by providing the most natural and sustainable sleep experience.



We make Vita Talalay just like the inventor Joseph Talalay intended it: we never compromise on quality.


By using natural ingredients, we continuously help to support the health of mankind.


We partner with the best brands to deliver Vita Talalay inside: the most breathable comfort material for a healthy sleep experience.


We believe that trust is a fundamental requisite of good business. It’s about being open, honest and respectful at all times with our colleagues, with our customers and with all our stakeholders. We try to improve our customers’ and consumers’ knowledge of a quality sleep in general and of Vita Talalay in specific.


We are committed to Cradle to Cradle values. Inspired by nature’s continuous cycle, this concept requires companies to use materials and design products in such a way that they will be positive to the environment and human health.

1932 - History of Vita Talalay

Latex production starts in Maastricht.


1950 - Foundation

N.V. Radium Latex founded.

Radium085 28 05 1963 X Pu Blokken

1959 - Radium Foam is Purchased

Radium Foam is acquired by Vredestein.

Radium089 08 06 1961

1961 - Production of Talalay Latex

Radium Foam starts producing Talalay latex.

Radium084 X Pu Blokken

1971 - Vredestein Acquired

Vredestein acquired (including NV Radium Latex) by Goodrich.

Radium093 04 11 1963 X Vriesschuimrubber

1976 - Dutch Acquisition

Dutch government acquires 50% of Vredestein shares from Goodrich.

Vita Talalay History Factory

1978 - Independent Subsidiary

Radium Foam becomes an independent subsidiary of Vredestein.

R3 Ojfot

1991 - Mother Company

Joins the Vita Group.

Radium090 20 07 1961 X Talalay Stoel Jaar Introductie

1994 - Largest Investment

Radium Foam makes largest investment ever in a brand-new factory.


1996 - New Factory

This year represents the year Radium Foam opened it's new Factory for the production of Vita Talalay's latex mattress, toppers and pillows

Radium008 16 12 1959

2011 - Anniversary

Vita Talalay® celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Vita Talalay History Factory

The Vita Talalay products and production processes are all certified, and satisfy the highest health requirements.


Cradle to Cradle GOLD

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Eco Institute

ECO Institut

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Green Energy Certificate

Green Energy (Wind)

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Natural Content Certificate

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ISPA Membership Radium Foam

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SATRA certification

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