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10-Minute Meditation

Looking for a 10-minute meditation guide? You have come to the right place!

Finding time for anything these days is difficult. We are so busy with day to day activities that we forget to take care of our own health. But what if we told you that only 10 minutes can make a big difference? What if we told you that you would be able to increase your energy levels, focus, and live a happier, healthier life?

You have guessed it right. 10-minute meditation practices are absolutely amazing. Especially for those who have already practiced this routine for a while. This is because meditation is a skill which must be learnt. Some may find it easier to learn it, whilst others struggle with it. However, if you set your mind to it you should not have any problems!

Before we get into the 10-minute meditation guide, let us have a look at the basics first. We will answer a few questions first. What is meditation and what health benefits does it bring? This, and much more below!

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Meditation definition

Let us look at the meditation definition before we get into the 10-minute meditation routine! Looking for the meditation definition in a dictionary does not really help. There, you will merely find it as being the act of practicing meditation. That much we already know! But what is behind this mindfulness practice? Where does it come from and how did it come into existence? Remember, it is often best to fully understand something before trying to learn it. You can learn a language, but you will not be able to master it before understanding the culture behind the language!

Yoga International defines meditation as being a technique for calming the mind. You do so by allowing a state of consciousness that is very different from your awake state. By meditating, you are able to fully experience the center of consciousness within you across all levels.

What is unique about meditation is the fact that it does not follow any specific principles or orders. Contrary to science or religion, the practice of meditation welcomes different variations of results. The results depend on you and differ between every individual.

There are also many different types of meditation, such as spiritual meditation. Spiritual mediation, as an example, is meditation to read spiritual goals. The type of meditation you want fully depends on your own individual goals!

How does meditation work, and does meditation work for everyone?

While you meditate, the goal is to make sure that your mind is clear. This is the same for your 10 minute meditation routine and others! It should be fully relaxed and only focused inward on yourself. Everything around you should be blended out. When we say around you, we do not solely mean the direct physical environment surrounding you at that very moment. We mean all your troubles, sorrows, happy thoughts and successes. Against popular belief, meditation is not solely about blending out the bad. You should blend out everything in your mind - regardless if you are happy or sad!

The ultimate goal is that your mind is fully silent. It should no longer distract you in any way. Once you reach this state, the meditation is able to deepen. This is usually the stage where many beginners have difficulties. It is not easy to fully turn off your mind. Many begin thinking about not thinking and that is not the same! It takes practice, time, and mental control to be able to meditate.

However, as difficult as it may seem for many, meditation can work for anyone. You must simply allow it to happen and practice it for a longer period of time. Many also ask when they know that they have finally reached the level of deeper meditation. Believe us when we say that you will know when you are! Give the 10-minute meditation routine a shot and add it to your daily routine!

What is the best time to meditate?

So, what is the best time to meditate? There are many different schools of thought on this question. Remember, as mentioned above meditation follows no strict set of guidelines or rules. This means that the most important thing about meditation is that it should suit you and your time schedule.

However, Psychology Today has produced a list of 4 of the best times during the day when meditation should work best. In addition, we will also provide one time of the day which you should try to avoid.

Any of the times below are great for your 10-minute meditation!

For early risers

It is common knowledge that the first thing you do in the morning often sets the mood for the rest of the day. This is why meditation before breakfast is perfect. You will be able to mentally prepare for all of the challenges you will face that day. In addition, you will do so with inner peace and happiness!

The only difficulty here I if you are a beginner who may still be struggling to meditate. In this case, experts advise to simply take a minute for yourself and breathe in slower and deeper for a moment. Do so for about 5 minutes, and then get into the actual meditation once you are ready!

Stressful times

This does not include a specific time of day, but instead a situation which may occur at any time. If you are ever feeling extremely stressed or overwhelmed for any reason, meditating for a few minutes really does help. You will relax and calm yourself, and be able to focus on what is important again. Finding the next step will be much easier this way.

Lunch break

This is an absolutely fantastic time to meditate. This has a couple of reasons!

In many cases, you will have already had the first round of meetings or other difficult conversations. Whatever it was, they don’t have to be negative or all too stressful. But they are still taking up a lot of room in your mind. Also, if you do find yourself being stressed, meditating can loosen up tightened muscles which often happens at the desk.

Meditating during your lunch break has shown to boost your energy level, productivity, creativity, and focus. It also has the added benefit of being great for awareness. You may find yourself being more accepting and understanding of others!

After a long work day

Just as meditating during your lunch break, doing so after work is absolutely great. In addition, by doing so you also create a boundary between your professional and private life. You draw the line - after meditation, you will no longer check your emails or other work-related messages. At best, you leave the gadgets be for the rest of the evening!

For the beginners, it is once again great to also do the same breathing exercises we recommended for the early mornings. Once you feel you are ready to move on to actual meditation, go for it!

When you should not meditate

It is important not to mediate immediately before going to sleep. The reason for this is that you should not mistake meditation with relaxing. It is actually the opposite as it is the state of deep awakening.

However, there are massive benefits if you do so about an hour before going to sleep. This way you will calm your mind and clear out all of the unnecessary thoughts before you get your good night’s sleep.

Health benefits of meditation

Meditation has proven to have many different health benefits. This is because meditation has a positive effect on both your mind and body. This is also true for your 10-minute meditation routine. We will split them into two different categories! Below, you will find the full list of all health benefits of meditation.

Emotional health benefits of meditation

  • Stress management
  • Getting insight into new perspectives
  • Being able to focus on the now
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Boost your creativity and imagination
  • Getting rid of negativity
  • Boosting your tolerance and patience levels
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Different types of pain
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety

Physical health benefits of meditation

Here, we will have a look at a list of illnesses where meditation may be a positive influence!

Meditation and sleep

Before we got to the 10-minute meditation script, we thought it was important to highlight a key health benefit.

We believe that one of the healthiest benefits of meditation is the effect that it has on your sleep. Going to bed with a calm and clear mind will highly increase the quality of your sleep. This is especially true if you are suffering from sleep illnesses, such as insomnia. This has been proven by the Harvard Medical School. This is also the case for 10-minute meditation!

Meditation also helps your ability to fall asleep. This is because you calm your mind and body during the process of meditation. However, we would like to stress that you should always leave about an hour of time before going to sleep. At best, do not use any of your gadgets or any other form of screens after your meditation session. Simply relax, read a book, have a nice long hot shower, or something of the like. Then, once you go to bed, you can immediately get a good night’s sleep. Try it out with our 10-minute meditation script!

The right mattress - Vita Talalay

There is one more important factor which plays a role in high quality sleep. That is sleeping on the right mattress. If you combine meditation with the right mattress, you will be able to increase the quality of your sleep significantly.

Vita Talalay latex is the healthy choice. This is because it has so many health benefits, which include optimal support, comfort, being free of dust mites, and many more. The Vita Talalay latex mattresses are made of pure natural latex from fair and sustainable sources.

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10 Minute Meditation: Guided meditation script for beginners

Now, let us have a look at our 10-minute meditation: guided meditation script for beginners. Although this practice is for beginners, we also advise those who are more practiced in meditation to also give this a go. This is because combining this 10-minute meditation with optimal sleep on a Vita Talalay latex mattress will make sure that you will wake up refreshed. This way, you will be ready for life’s daily challenges!

Before we begin with the 10-minute meditation script we have one final note!

For those who are beginning with meditation, you need to first learn how to breathe properly. This is key to being able to meditate. What you should do is simply focus on your breathing and learn to control it fully. Usually, we are not really aware of our breathing as it comes naturally to us. Everything happens automatically in the background. Now, try to breathe in and out at a slower pace until you reach a calm pace for yourself. You should fairly quickly feel more relaxed.

Meditating is being able to live in the here and now. Breathing is exactly this: it is happening in the present. Learning to control breathing will also help you learn to be able to live in the present. In later stages, you will learn how to blend our the past and future. You should only be in the present while doing our 10-minute meditation!

Now, let us get to the 10-minute meditation script!

  • Sit down on a matt and make yourself comfortable. Please sit cross-legged and if you like put a pillow under you for additional comfort if you like. Alternatively, you can also sit in a chair. Please make sure that both of your feet are flat on the ground, though!
  • Put your arms on your knees. Important here is to relax your arms and hands. Let them simply be.
  • Get yourself into a proper posture. Sit straight and stretch your spine. Important here is also to keep your shoulders relaxed while you are doing so. Also, let your chin forward slightly!
  • Now, please close your eyes. Alternatively, you can also look at something a few centimeters away on the ground.
  • Next, simply focus on your breathing. Breathe normally. Then, allow yourself to think about your breathing. Focus on your nostrils, all the way to your lungs and into your stomach.
  • Continue to track your breathing as you breathe out, as well!
  • Try to calm your mind. It should be completely silent!
  • If you find yourself thinking of something else, try to steer your focus towards your breath again.

As you practice this 10-minute meditation routine, it will get easier. The first few times may be slightly difficult, but you will get there! We hope you enjoy our 10-minute meditation - let us know below if you did!

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